Our poker software evolves constantly, therefore, it is our top priority to keep you updated with the latest improvements made to its various platforms as often as possible. Likewise, transparency in all affairs is of great importance to us, so we’ve made it our goal to provide you with quick access to valuable and vital information at all times.

Below you will find a list with the most recent software releases and a brief description of the upgrades made.

Version 40 - Released March 16th, 2022

Cash Games

  • Run it 2/3 times: Now players can save their preferences for the Run it 2/3 times features. The option to do so can be found in table settings.
  • Anonymous: Players identities will only be revealed once a new player has paid a blind to join the hand. (Before a player could buy-in and view the players on the table without playing a hand).
  • Button blind games: Now when joining the game, players pay the BB only in the dealer position.


  • Multi-Entry tournaments: Now in knockout tournaments, when entries are merged, the KO bounty is paid as if a player knocked himself out.

Casino Games

  • Take a look at our new awesome 243 lines slot Reef Riches and delicious slot A La Carte (FYI – These games will not be released until a week or 2 after v40)

UX/UI Improvements

  • Random Prize: Sounds have been enhanced when you receive a Random Prize reward.

  • Participant lists in tournament: Players will now be sorted in descending stack size. If more than one player has the same stack size they will be sorted alphabetically by nickname.

Version 37 + 38 - Released October 19th, 2021

Cash Games

  • Anonymous Observation: Players identities on cash tables will only be revealed once a player has seated on a table.
  • Group View: One-click registration to the ‘game type’ of your choice and ‘waiting lists’ to join multiple tables.
  • 50BB Buy-in: Beta trail with 50BB buy-in tables.


  • Multi-Entry Seating: Improved the algorithm for seating and reseating in multi-entry tournaments.

  • Tickets Registration: Tickets earned for tournaments where you have already registered with cash (prior to the tournament starting) will be substituted for cash buy-ins.

  • Final Table Replayer: Improvements to navigation, timeout animation, messages and a table with tournament results.

  • Jackpot Tournaments: New beta version of a Jackpot MTT’s, offering more winning chances for more players.

  • New Tabs: Main Event and Satellite Menu tabs providing quick access to upcoming Satellites or Main Events of the day.

  • Lobby Icons: New banner icons now replace the text name and display the main MTT’s of the day.

Casino Games

  • 20 Line Slots: Osiris Temple and Normans

UX/UI Improvements

  • In client notifications: Automatically hidden after 10 seconds.

  • Improved fonts for HDPI and scaled monitors.

  • HTML5Mobile: Boost and Cash tables are now easier to distinguish. Multiple other appearance improvements also applied.

  • Desktop: Windfalls now display the number of player’s currently registered.

  • Hotkey: Press Ctrl+N to display all player’s notes on the table.

Version 36 - Released June 1st, 2021

Cash Games

  • Run it Two / Three Times (RITT): All cash tables now have the option to enable RITT. When an all-in occurs the active player to the left of the dealer has the option to activate the RITT feature. If the player does not wish to activate the feature the game continues as per normal. All active players in the all-in must agree to run multiple boards for the feature to activate. On Bad Beat Jackpot tables, the first board run out qualifies towards the jackpot criteria.
  • Buy-Ins: All standard cash tables will require a minimum of 100 BB to join the game.


  • Satellite hand for hand: Before the final table hand for hand mode has been activated in satellite tournaments.

Casino Games

  • Casino Games Mobile App: Our fantastic selection of casino games are now accessible via our award winning mobile application.
  • New Games: Gansta Party and 5G Turbo added to the impressive catalogue of 20 line slot games.

UX/UI Improvements

  • Cash Tables Sort Order: Bad Beat Jackpot tables are no longer pinned to the top of the lobby, cash tables will be displayed in order of Buy-in.