A wise man once said “to improve is to change” and at SportsBetting Poker we want to start the New Year with a major upgrade to our Tournament Schedule. That’s why beginning January 4th, 2021 you’ll find some new additions in our weekly lineup.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll immediately notice from the revamp:

  • An added $1.8 Million in guaranteed tournaments in January.
  • Bigger variety and innovative tournament structures.
  • Standardized starting times with new tournaments every 15 minutes.
  • Over 100 tournaments added to weekly offering providing a vastly better playing experience for all our tournament players.

We’ve focused on delivering a tournament lineup that continues to excite, challenge, and answer to the poker community, so that each of you ekes out maximum enjoyment every time you step inside our online Poker Room.

So, swing by, take a stroll around our new Tournament Schedule, and let us know what you think.