Freebuys are a combination of Freeroll and Re-buy tournaments that allow players to register for real money events at no cost. Players also have the option to purchase rebuys and add-ons if their chip stack goes below 1,000 chips.

$50,000 in FREE Guaranteed Prize Pools

SportsBetting Poker is running a series with daily Freebuy tournaments from August 1 to 16 with multiple events all day, giving everyone the chance to play FREE real money events.

If you are new to the game, this is a great opportunity to master your skills at zero cost! If you simply like free stuff, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Get a FREE 1,000-Starting Stack

Players that register in these events will automatically receive a starting stack of 1,000 chips. Every time your stack goes below 1,000, you will be able to purchase a rebuy for 2,000 chips. Finally, during the add-on period, you may purchase an extra 10,000 in chips. After that, no further rebuys or add-ons will be allowed.

Freebuy Poker Series Schedule:

Date Time ET Event Free Prize Pool
8/1/2020 11:00am Freebuy Warm up $500.00
8/1/2020 4:00pm Freebuy Kick-off $1,000.00
8/1/2020 9:00pm Freebuy Kick-off - Omaha $500.00
Daily 4:00am Freebuy: $250 GTD $250.00
Daily 9:00am Freebuy: $250 GTD $250.00
Daily 4:00pm Freebuy: $500 GTD $500.00
Daily 9:00pm Freebuy: $1,000 GTD $1,000.00
8/16/2020 1:00pm Freebuy NLH Main Event - $10,000.00
8/16/2020 3:00pm Freebuy PLO Main Event $2,000.00
8/16/2020 5:00pm Freebuy Boost Main Event $2,000.00
8/16/2020 7:00pm Freebuy Passport Finale: 20x TM$250 Packages $5,000.00
8/16/2020 8:00pm Freebuy - Last Chance Flip $1,000.00