Dash For Cash

$5,000 Prize on Offer

It’s a mad dash to the finish line, where $5,000 awaits the first player to successfully complete all listed missions.

Starting June 1st, the race to the prize begins. Players will need to complete five major poker missions, each made up of mini-challenges, and while the event runs through June 30th, the prize will likely go to someone who smashes through the missions prior to that date.

Play 1,000 raked hands of NLHE Play 100 Tournaments Play 200 Sit & Go tournaments Play 50 Windfalls with 2x or higher multiplier Place $2,000 in wagers on any casino game in poker
Reach $2,000 in rake contribution
Play 1,000 raked hands of PLO Reach $100 in tournament fees Reach $200 in Sit & Go fees Reach $50 in Windfall tournament fees
Take T9 to showdown on NLHE
See a flop with 3 & 2 as hole cards

First to Five

Each challenge will award you with 1 Leaderboard Point. Mission #1 consists of 5 points, Missions 2-4 will award 2 points each and Mission # 5 will award the last point. The first player to complete all 5 Missions (12 points) will be automatically awarded a $5,000 cash reward.

You Decide Where to Start

A player does not necessarily need to start with Mission #1, can start with any of the challenges and go from there. It is important to mention that while playing for a specific challenge a player could be earning points towards more than one mission. For example, in a challenge where players must reach 1,000 raked hands in NLHE, at the same time the players will also be earning a rake contribution for another challenge in the same mission.

Track Your Progress and Keep an Eye for Your Opponents

You can keep track of your progress in each challenge from the Missions lobby. Also remember that you need to keep track of other player’s in these Missions. Strategy is key, it might take you longer to complete certain challenges but take full advantage of your strengths to get ahead of the game.